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[ANN] New Release 2024/05/09

We are pleased to announce that Charizard has a mining record of 1000 times and has been online for 10 hours.

We have noticed that due to unstable RPC node calls on the front end, most users cannot successfully get CRZ Token info from their token list, resulting in the inability to burn $CRZ to mine.

We have recognized the problem, and it is a front-end Bug.

We will resolve the issue within 12 hours. At the same time, we will launch the Agent Mining function, which allows users to use the function of Agent Mining to mine regularly.

After we continue to observe until all front-end issues are resolved, the trading pool is expected to be launched within one day. By then we believe we will have a faster community growth.

Our mining users are steadily growing. Thank you very much to community for your support of Charizard.

As the technical team, we will continue to support the community’s development. Let’s Build Together and purify Solana.

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