Charizard News

Burn MEMEs to Earn


  • [ANN] New Release 2024/05/13

    Hello, everyone! Agent Mining allows your browser to automatically burn CRZ every 30 minutes. The CRZ mined by the Agent Wallet will be directly transferred to your wallet. Attention: 1) Agent mining runs in your browser’s memory. If you delete the browser’s cache&cookies. A new agent wallet will be generated, and the old one will…

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  • [ANN] New Release 2024/05/10

    Hi guys, Charizard is doing very well at the moment. Charizard has burned tons of MEMEs and is never a picky eater. The technical team is working overtime to conduct a comprehensive review of the front-end code, and we will get it done before a large number of users come to use Charizard (We are…

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  • [ANN] New Release 2024/05/09

    We are pleased to announce that Charizard has a mining record of 1000 times and has been online for 10 hours. We have noticed that due to unstable RPC node calls on the front end, most users cannot successfully get CRZ Token info from their token list, resulting in the inability to burn $CRZ to…

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