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[ANN] New Release 2024/05/13

Hello, everyone!

  1. We are excited to announce that the Agent Mining has been launched.

Agent Mining allows your browser to automatically burn CRZ every 30 minutes.

The CRZ mined by the Agent Wallet will be directly transferred to your wallet. Attention:

1) Agent mining runs in your browser’s memory. If you delete the browser’s cache&cookies. A new agent wallet will be generated, and the old one will be lost. 

2) Please keep the browser open. You will need to restart the bot if you refresh page.

3) Please save the keypair. You can import this keypair into Phantom to recover the Agent Wallet. The team will continue to develop and improve this module.

  1. We have fixed several bugs and issues

1) Correct total supply number on the Story page

2) Add “Burn All” button to the TokenList

3) Increase front-end redundancy

  1. We will launch the Raydium trading pair on May 15th at 14:00 UTC

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